Retail POS

Inventory control, staff management, store data, and so much more. When you run a retail business, there is a lot to keep track of. We have a variety of POS systems for retail business like yours. Do you accept gift cards or have a loyalty program? Are you wanting to reduce your paper costs, while collecting customer data by emailing receipts?

Our retail POS systems will help you monitor your business data while maintaining an ease of use, reducing cashier errors. CAP: CAP POS is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for small and medium retailers. Spend less time on inventory and more time on growing sales and improving customer service. CAP POS is designed to simplify things at the checkout counter so you can take great caer of your customers while still capturing rich data about your store. Features: fast transaction, easy to use, real time data, email receipts, loyalty and discount programs Current users: INFO TOUCH: InfoTouch has been a POS software for small and large businesses for over 30 years. This robust, scalable, and stable POS solution helps manage and maximize your company’s efficiency while increasing profitability. Great for single store users or multi-store chains. Users include garden centers, firearms, liquor stores, smoke shops, grocery stores, thrift and resale, copy store, convenience stores and more. Features: time and attendance modules, full back office, inventory tracking, security, multitude of reports. Current users:     NCC: NCC knows that time is money and quality service is a priority to your customers. This customizable software helps to increase productivity by making ordering, splitting/combining checks, routing orders and more easy. The terminal only needs to be up and running and does not require a server or internet connection. From fine dining to pizzerias, bars to country clubs, NCC provides reliable and efficient ways to improve your bottom line. Features: customizable, manager controls, step by step ordering process, user friendly, easy transfer payments, built in loyalty, employee schedule monitoring. Current users: ACCEO LOGIVISION ACCEO Logivision point of sale system is designed for fast retailers who are looking for an effective and easy to use solutions to help them speed up their businesses operations. Make routine processes easier with a point of sale system designed for you. This POS system can be tailored to meet your needs, whether a small liquor store or a multi-lane supermarket. Features: inventory management, secure transactions, operations management, loyalty, reporting, and more. Current users: (up sale with gift cards, digital signage, cameras)