HungerRush puts the focus where restaurants need it most. The POS will always be a key component of restaurant technology, but it’s our seamless integration with online ordering and delivery that’s become a lifeline for restaurants and their customers.

As we all adapt to the new normal during and after this health crisis, it’s exactly this technology that’s going to help restaurants punch above their weight and compete for orders like never before.

First a little backstory. We got our start in 2003 as Revention, and we worked as hard as you do to become the leading Point of Sale (POS) provider for pizza restaurants. Why pizza? First of all, because who doesn’t love pizza. Also, since pizza has so many moving parts, a pizza POS has to be highly configurable, and we like a good challenge.

Meanwhile, the folks at CRS Solutions had been busting their butts for over 45 years to become the leading reseller of POS systems. As the leading POS system provider and the leading POS system reseller, we realized that if we joined forces, we could serve our customers better than ever. So in 2018 we consolidated, and in 2020 the HungerRush restaurant management system was launched.

When restaurants need an easy-to-use and completely configurable holistic system that pulls together all the ordering channels and makes customer data easy to own, analyze, and put into action, HungerRush rolls up our sleeves.

When restaurants need to streamline operations, drive repeat business, and moonlight as a marketing powerhouse, HungerRush has your back.

When restaurants want to offer online ordering, create personalized guest experiences, and stay competitive, even in a crisis, HungerRush delivers.

HungerRush is that badass technology partner ready to help you drive more orders. And since our system is backed by a dedicated and US-based support team, you’ll always be ready for the rush.

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