Cash Advances

Are you wanting to make upgrades to your business? Do you need a little extra money now? We can help you whether you need $5,000 or $100,000 we can help you get extra cash to fund your growth and future purchases.

A cash advance is different from traditional borrowing because it is not borrowing at all. If you run a business that accepts credit cards, a cash advance enables you to sell a portion of your future credit card receipts for cash right now. In other words, we buy your future credit card transactions today, and we collect what we bought by taking a small % of your daily credit card receipts.

Having capital ready and available can mean making those bulk purchases in advance of the holidays, purchasing a DVR or NVR camera system to help protect your business, opening a new location, pay off old debt, pay taxes, etc. Take the pressure off and focus on your business. Funds are typically available within 24 hours.

Don’t feel stuck because you don’t have cash readily available. Set your business up for success.

Contact us today to get the money you need TODAY. Fast. Affordable. Dependable.



Cash Advance Process:

  • Simple 2 page application
  • Pre-Approval for POS system
  • Same day decisions
  • Restaurant / Bars – no problem!!
  • New startups – no problem!

Bank / Financing Process

  • Bankruptcy – bad credit-no credit
  • Review Process! Lots of paperwork
  • Weeks for approval
  • No restaurant or bars
  • No new startups