Hospitality POS

With more than 45 years of experience and numerous systems available to us, we can help you to find the right Point of Sale (POS) solutions for your business. Our range of solutions are suitable for restaurants of varying sizes, casinos, resorts, golf courses, hotels, convention centers, venues and more! We will work with you to determine your business needs and set you up for success.



RPower is a complete POS solutions with a host of services and integrations for your business. The fully customizable software is suitable for: full service restaurants, pizza delivery shops, delis, cafes, quick service stores, bars and nightclubs.

Features: ease of use and multiple integrations.





Digital Dining is a robust POS solution that has been refined and improved for over 30 years. It is proof you don’t have to compromise on functionality for ease of use. The fully customizable software is suitable for fine dining and full service restaurants, quick service restaurants, casual dining restaurants, hotels, country clubs, food courts, hospitals, universities, and others.
Features: table management, fast EMV payments, inventory, time clock, advanced reporting.





Dinerware has been serving the bar and restaurant industry for nearly two decades. This simple, reliable, and secure point of sale system has a user-friendly interface, with a customizable platform. Dinerware supports a wide array of food service customers from fine dining, quick serve, table service to bars, pubs, nightclubs, and food trucks.

Features: time clock, inventory, reporting, table management.



Aldelo POS helps restaurant operators achieve simplicity and efficiency. Built with full restaurant management features, perfect for small to medium size operations. Have a multi-location franchise or high volume establishment? Aldelo’s XERA POS steps up the possibilities with infinite flexibility in menu items, modifications, employee management, reporting and more.

Features: split/combine tickets, easy ordering, inventory control, financial accountability, customer tracking, built in loyalty.




NCC is a POS solutions that was designed with the knowledge that time is money and quality service is a priority to your customers. The customizable software helps to increase productivity by simplifying the process of ordering, splitting/combining checks, routing orders and more. As long as the terminal is up and running, it does not require a server or internet connection. From fine dining restaurants to pizzerias, and from bars to country clubs, NCC provides a reliable and efficient way to improve your bottom line.

Features: customizable, manager controls, step by step ordering process, user friendly, easy transfer payments, built in loyalty, employee schedule monitoring.


PixelPoint is a POS solutions that is designed for use in any and all restaurant concepts, and is configurable to meet your specific environment and requirements.

Features: cost management, global compliance, extensive reporting and metrics, established integrations, versatile configurations, gift and loyalty included.



Brink is a POS solutions that employs modern, cloud-based architecture to fit the needs of a multi-unit operator. The software is designed not only to scale and grow with your business, but to manage your operations easily; regardless of whether you have 1, 10, 100 or 1,000 stores.

Features: loyalty, online and mobile ordering, kitchen video system, labor management, reporting,




Did we mention we have gift and loyalty programs to reward your favorite customers?

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