POSIQ with Digital Dining

Breakthrough new technology that transforms how restaurants, bars and cafés run their business.

Cloud tech for the restaurant industry

It’s all around us. Mobile phones. Facebook, Yelp and more. Everything’s connected. Yet there sits your POS system, an island filled with incredibly underutilized data. What if you could match transactions in your POS to people, posts, and ad campaigns in the real world? What if you could truly know who and what are driving sales?


Marketing. Social. Loyalty. Analytics.
Introducing PosiqCRM. A breakthrough cloud based CRM service for the restaurant industry that plugs into your existing Digital Dining POS system. Powerful advertising, marketing and social programs. Crazy detailed guest tracking and automated loyalty. And big data with real-time analytics you’ve only dreamed about.


Supercharge your Digital Dining POS.
Posiq delivers all of this power by leveraging your Digital Dining POS system. Just plug securely into the Posiq cloud (installs in under 15 minutes), and instantly see everything you’ve never seen, whether it’s a single restaurant or 5,000 locations.


It’s not about the gadgets. It’s about your guests.
With PosiqCRM, you can harness powerful, yet beautifully simple technology to know more about your guests, understand their behavior, and enjoy amazing analytics to grow their business. Posiq gives restaurants, large and small, the tools to build incredible customer relationships and flourish.


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POSIQ Videos in Action