P. Terry’s named America’s Best Burger Chain

Our congratulations goes out to a CRS Solutions customer, P. Terry’s, as they earn the title of America’s Best Burger Chain by Southern Living magazine!

P. Terry’s offers the freshest quality ingredients you can find served out of a drive-thru window. We’re where fresh, all-natural, “never-ever” beef and chicken became staple items. We serve fresh-cut fries made from all-natural potatoes, free of trans fats and hydrogenated oils. Add to that our fresh-baked cookies, banana bread, and house veggie burger; our fresh-squeezed orange juice and lemonade; and our authentic milkshakes – we care about what’s out there to eat, and we make our food with that in mind.

Hidden Texas Cheeseburger Haven Named America’s Best Burger Chain

True Mom-and-Pop Operation is Drawing Major National Love

BY // 08.31.18

America’s best burger chain is hiding out in Texas. Austin favorite P. Terry’s has been named America’s Best Burger Chain — and a hidden one at that — by Southern Living magazine.

Of course, that’s hidden nationally. Any self-respecting aware Austin resident will tell you that P. Terry’s epic burgers are common knowledge in these parts.

Online reviews rave about P. Terry’s service as well as the eats. “To me, P. Terry’s tastes exactly like a burger should,” one reads. And that’s exactly what owner and founder Patrick Terry himself was going for when he created the place.

“The idea of a hamburger — meat and cheese on a bun goes a long way. And if you do it right, it goes even longer,” Terry tells PaperCity. The burgers are all made possible by P. Terry’s commissary, where employees get things started at 1 am and go all day.

Terry was caught off guard by Southern Living’s major kudos.

“We were excited, and we were delighted. We were delighted, but we were shocked,” he says.

Terry is proud of his small fast-casual food chain, and trying to keep it weird in just Austin. But comparing yourself to the competition was never in the cards, or what P. Terry’s stands for.

“We’re not really in the business of comparing ourselves to anyone else, or paying attention to the competition,” Terry says. “We’re based on our own set of beliefs and what we’re trying to accomplish.

“We’ve been in the business 13 years. We just kind of keep our heads down and try to do our best everyday, and try to get a little better everyday.”

Terry — and Southern Living — will tell you that P. Terry’s is simply building on a strong start.

“I always wanted to have a hamburger stand. Just kind of a little odd, but kind of my deal. I loved the idea of burgers, fries and shakes. Something very simple, something very natural,” Terry says.

Natural and all-natural. “I was just beginning and starting to look at the process,” Terry says. “My wife had just finished reading the book Fast Food Nation. She literally threw it at me and said ‘If you’re going to do that, do it right.’ ”

So Perry read the book, learned about the real issues with fast food and what it’s done to the country.

“A lot of low quality food and mass marketing. And just shoving it down everyone’s throat,” Perry says.

It was decision made instantly: Don’t do it by the book. Do the opposite.